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Today I wanted to talk to you about the four mistakes that home sellers make the most. I’ve compiled a list below: 

1. Picking the wrong agent. This is the most important step that you take when selling your property. You need an agent with a track record of recently selling homes in your neighborhood. They should be a great negotiator and have a low average number of days that a home they list stays on the market. They should also be able to present a great marketing strategy and offer references from other clients if asked for them. 

2. Overpricing your home. This is the kiss of death in this market. We’re in a three week cycle right now, meaning homes go stale after that period of time. If you’ve overpriced your home, you’ve missed the peak showing time that you’re going to have and you’ll be playing catch-up the entire time after that. You’ll also be netting less than you would have had you just priced it right to begin with. 

3. Failing to make simple repairs. Simple repairs include things like scratched hardwood floors, loose carpet, trim that may have been chewed on by the dog, or broken HVAC registers. These are all things that are fairly simple repairs, but if you don’t do them, others who walk through the home during a showing will see them and begin to look for other repairs that need to be done to the home.  

4. Neglecting to declutter your home. The first and most important step of staging is to declutter your home. Buyers are going to come into your home and look at your collections of things, rather than the space itself. The more stuff you have in the home, the harder it will be for buyers to imagine themselves in that space.  

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, or you have any other questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to call. I’d be happy to help.