Now Hiring @ KELLY+CO :: #1 East Cobb Real Estate Team

Thanks to the support of our Friends & Clients, we're growing our Team again & looking for the perfect piece(s).  If you're interested in any of the careers listed below, please let us know OR if you know someone who seems like a perfect fit, please forward this over & also let us know about him/her as well!

To apply for any of these positions listed below: 
1) click here to fill out your DISC assessment ... then email your Resume & your DISC results to [email protected] 
2) Then call this number & follow the voicemail instructions:  770-824-9700

Here's who we're looking for (multiple career opportunities):

Inside Sales Agent: great attitude & charismatic personality, is intrinsically driven & motivated, a phone animal (would actually enjoy prospecting for leads), loves helping people & wants to have lots of fun & a lucrative career. Being genuinely passionate about / interested in getting into the Real Estate industry is a plus (it will only help you love your job more).

Listing Specialist: thrives on taking risks and facing challenges while maintaining a win-win, positive attitude. He/she is attracted to leadership roles, believes in achieving results through empowering others, and is well-liked for his/her optimistic, dynamic personality.  He/she prospects for seller leads daily (includes identifying and calling FSBO and Expired Listing candidates), closes those leads to appointments & Listing Agreements, and provides high-level fiduciary advice on pricing strategy and staging the home for sale.  The LS then Launches the marketing campaign in tandem with a Listing Mgr/Asst, evaluates showing feedback, reevaluates pricing as needed, receives & negotiates offers.

Promotion to Lead Listing Specialist would allow this person to lead the Seller-side of the Team by hiring, training, consulting, and holding accountable all Listing Specialists and Listing Assistants.

Simply put, this individual is competitive & is a winner.

Listing Assistant: This individual may be assigned various listing duties, such as converting appointments to agreements and launching marketing action plans for listings, until he/she has proven he/she has the skills and leadership to prospect for leads, close for appointments, provide high -level fiduciary advice on pricing strategies and staging, and negotiate contracts for listings on their own.  As he/she succeeds in the role, this person may ultimately be responsible for hiring, training, and leading additional listing team members to profitable results.

Buyers Specialist: an individual who is highly sociable, draws energy from working with people, and is driven, optimistic and outgoing. Buyer Specialist prospects for leads daily & also receives hot leads from Inside Sales Agents, closes those leads to consult appointments & buyer agreements, selects & shows homes that meet the criteria, submit & negotiate offers. Helping people find their dream home is, no doubt, the fun & rewarding part of Real Estate.

Showing Assistant: also an individual who is highly sociable, draws energy from working with people, and is optimistic and outgoing.  The SA supports the lead agent in achieving team success, while being committed to growing their own skills and to developing into a leader within the team.  Lead Agent performs a needs analysis & passes the desired criteria to the Showing Assistant, wihch then finds homes that meet the criteria & takes the buyer clients to those homes.  When the Buyer Clients are ready to make an offer, the Lead Agent handles the offer & contract negotiations.

Listing Coordinator: responsible for providing fiduciary service to all sellers from the time we obtain the listing until the home goes into contract, and ensures a smooth transition of seller files to Transaction Coordinator.  Responsible for producing listing marketing materials and scheduling promotional programs for listings & regular communication with sellers to include progress reports and feedback from showings.  Keeps the Listing Specialist updated & coordinates staging, repairs & home improvements required for listing the property. Assists the Listing Specialist in contract negotiation period with prepping offers, counteroffers, etc & is responsible for current & past client care & database maintenance.

Marketing Specialist: we're looking for a professional individual with strong organizational and marketing skills, a sense of urgency, and high level of detail. This position will also require fluid movement within the organization during this rapid growth phase.develops and implements systems for one of the most highly rated and dynamic real estate teams in North Atlanta.

The Marketing Specialist will own & implement our Marketing Campaigns, while continually developing & improving upon them, ensuring that the plans run consistently & efficiently & making revisions as needed.  In addition, the Marketing Manager will produce marketing & promotional programs, maintain our websites, maintain & write blog content, make daily social media posts & plan and coordinate team events. Must be proficient in graphic/marketing design & have a track record of success & sample work (think Major in Graphic Design, Minor in Marketing -- or vise versa -- with a knack for social media).  

Who do you know?!  Please email [email protected] with any interest OR referrals to someone we MUST contact.  Even if they're not looking, if they're talented & a great fit, we'd love to opportunity to speak w/ them.

THANK YOU! We could NOT have gotten where we are, nor can we get where we're going, without YOU.

p.s.  don't forget the 2-step application instructions listed at top of page!  :)